Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Unique Way to Combine Stencil Prints!

Years ago, when designing art rubber stamps, I enjoyed combining silhouettes of recognizable forms with abstract patterns. 

Recently, MaryBeth Shaw and Carol Baxter gave me the idea of creating the same kind of imagery simply by overlapping stencils.  Their idea became today’s post.

My first step was to match up a few of my May-4-released stencils with silhouette stencils I’ve previously designed.  

The photo below shows Heron and Pair O’ Parrots paired with Ornamental Iron Curls and Sassy Spray.  Later photos will show that I eventually included Pavilion Shadows, as well – to give each parrot an abstract pattern of its own.

The Heron stencil -- not easy to see here -- is on the left and Pair O' Parrots is on the right.  This second stencil was used in an earlier project that left yellow paint, making this stencil easier to photograph! Under the bird stencils are Ornamental Iron Curls and Sassy Spray.

After taping the silhouette stencils to my paper --

-- I used the same masking tape to block off the tops and bottoms of each of the three bird shapes.  What I left open was the center of each of these silhouettes, as shown below:

 Over the top of these openings, I taped the abstract stencils.  Notice in the photo below that I didn’t bother to tape over the feet and lower legs of Heron; there was no need, since I knew from the taped boundaries to avoid this area with the first application of paint.

Using heavy-body green paint and a Smudgee, I daubed paint through the three abstract stencils layered over the two silhouette stencils.

Left to right, below, are Curls over Heron, Pavilion Shadows over the left Parrot, and Sassy Spray over the right Parrot:

The photo below shows the paint daubed through the abstract stencils, before the stencils have been lifted.

When the stencils were lifted …

… the printed abstract areas appeared.  Click on the photo above to enlarge it and better see details.

After these areas dried, they were covered with masking tape.  Then, more paint was daubed through the newly opened stencil areas – the tops and bottoms of the bird shapes:

If the finished prints need small corrections, a Sharpie pen of matching color works beautifully. 

Watch for tomorrow's post to see the finished prints!

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