Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Prints Made with Stencil Combinations!

Today's post shows prints made with the combination technique shown step-by-step in yesterday's post.

Below:  Heron stencil combined with Ornamental Iron Curls stencil.  Both stencils measure 6" x 6".

 Below: Pair O' Parrots stencil (6" x 6") combined with (left) Pavilion Shadows and (right) Sassy Spray.

Below: Pair O' Parrots stencil (6" x 6") combined with (left) Ski-Lift Works and (right) Ornamental Iron Curls . 

Below:  Heron stencil combined with Ornamental Iron Curls stencil.

The May-4-released abstract stencils, in their entirety, look like this:

Ornamental Iron Curls 
Ski-Lift Works
Sassy Spray
Pavilion Shadows

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