Sunday, February 12, 2017

Stencil Scraping with DANGLED PODS (The Reverse of TANGLED PODS)

Stencil Scraping -- a wet version of the old traditional technique, which was done with crayon -- has appeared in this blog several times earlier ...  here ... and (as the final technique at the end of the post) here ... and (as the second of two techniques) here

I've done it once again with my newly-released stencil Dangled Pods.

My goal this time was to create collage papers.  I used a white, new-for-me, tissue that's sturdy yet translucent -- which will let some background paints show partially thru these papers, once they're collaged over pre-painted surfaces.

Here are close-ups of two of the finished papers--

And here are the steps I took...

First, here's a close-up showing the tissue I used and its source.

My starting step, below, was to use masking tape to secure my stencil (already stained from earlier projects) -- this step is needed to keep the stencil from moving while being scraped.

Next, I covered the stencil with tissue, which I likewise taped securely to my work surface --

In the photo below, notice the blue and red acrylic paints squeezed in lines across the right side of the tissue --

The above photo also shows the tool I've chosen for the scraping.  It's an ad that came as junk mail, a piece of plastic as wide as the stencil and its tissue overlay.

Once this set-up is complete, the scraping itself takes a minute or less! With the scraping tool, I place one edge vertically to the right of the line of wet paints, then drag the paint across the tissue, right to left, using firm pressure.  

I always use paints of more than one color, as shown above, to get the rainbow effect appearing at the top of this post.

To see this technique used in similar ways, please visit the links listed at the start of this post. 

Altho I plan to use my finished papers in collage, I want to add that these papers are great for gift-wrapping, too!  

Above:  the original stencil, Tangled Pods.
Above:  the new stencil, Dangled Pods.

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