Monday, October 3, 2016

CATS Stencil

In loving memory of a gentle and loving spirit ...

You can tell I didn't use my T-square to create this journal page, but even if there are a couple of images with unwelcome tilt, I prize it for its sentimental value.  

Of the 5 silhouette-poses of felines in my 6"X 6" Cats Stencil , 4 are based on photos I had taken, years ago, of my late and dear companion, Kitty...

It's been several years now since Kitty made that crossing over that "Rainbow Bridge."  I still get teary when I see images of her.  But I see this pang of sorrow as a tribute to the love that my daughter and I shared with her.  It was deep and lasting.

The fifth silhouette on this stencil is based on my current, self-appointed Office Manager, Puma:

Cats Stencil (6"x 6") itself looks like this:

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