Sunday, May 1, 2016

Stenciling with MICA!

From this online store --

-- I've ordered sheets of mica, a translucent mineral that comes in thin layers (and splits easily into thinner layers.)  Mica lends itself to many delightful artsy uses.  It arrives looking like this:

Not all mica has this brownish cast.  Some is tinted with other colors; some is reflective; some is transparent.  It comes in sizes; I ordered large, which gave me some 6"x6" tiles as well as other shapes and large sizes.  USArtQuest carries a full range of choices. 

These tiles can be easily cut with scissors to form any shape you want.  It has a slick surface that accepts acrylic paint as well as some markers -- the one I've used is the IDenti Pen permanent marker by Sakura.

Mica can be layered over paper or any other surface, using a clear-drying adhesive such as gloss gel -- it takes only a small dot or two of the gel.  No need to spread the gel across the entire piece of mica.  Stencil-printed mica really makes a statement when used as the cover for an art journal or a stencil-printed wooden box. 

Mica also makes great dangle-art -- carefully punch a hole in the top of a printed sheet of mica to make dangle earrings, Christmas tree ornaments ... you name it.

Because mica is translucent, it can be the "glass" atop a photo or a drawing or any other image.  Using a stencil with acrylic paint  to print a design around the edges of a mica tile, you'll have a decorative and unique "frame" to glue over your image. 

To see stencil-printed art I've made on mica, just wait.  It will show up here on June 18.  And that's all I'm going to say for now! 

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