Sunday, May 8, 2016

Don't Crimp my Style!

Today I pulled out my Marvy Corru-Gator Crimpers --

and two old prints, both on cardstock -- one made with an inverted Distress ink --

Above:  stencil used:  6"x6" Quilted Flower Garden.

-- and another print, this one made with my round 8"x8" Gelli Plate --

Above:  stencil used:  9"x12" Facets.

Following directions printed on the crimper, I inserted the first print --

--and started turning the knob, which starts the sheet of cardstock moving thru the crimper --

Above:  Click on the photo to enlarge it and better see the low-relief pattern that is being imprinted on the cardstock.

--and when the cardstock emerged it was fully corrugated, as shown below.

Again, click the image to better see the corrugation.

My next step was to go over the surface with copper metallic paint using the dry-brush technique -- a technique that I'm too impatient to master well, so anyone unfamiliar with this method can click on the link above to see a demo.  In this demo, the artist (who, unlike me, is good at this) is applying paint to a frame that's 3-dimensional, the same as corrugated cardstock.

I didn't like the results I achieved with this first print, where the paint had been applied much too heavily in areas --

-- so I scrapped that piece and started fresh with my other print.  Choosing a different corrugated pattern this time, I came up with better results.  Below is the cardstock after the dry-brushing has been done:

Next, I pulled out a packet of blank greeting cards from --

These greeting card blanks measure 6"x6", when folded in half.  I cut two pieces from my printed cardstock and added them to the front of two greeting cards --

Click on the photo above, and on the photo below, to better see the details.

This last photo shows the two greeting cards with their final embellishments added.

In place of the dry-brush paint application, many dry media can be used on these corrugated papers -- Pan Pastels, etc.  Adding highlights to the 3-dimensional ridges adds pizzazz!

There is a surcharge of 22 cents for mailing a 6"x6" card, so the total for sending a card this size is 71 cents.  I just use two "Forever" stamps.

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