Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Budding Series with PRAYER FLAGS

These two 12"x12" artworks have become part of a series as I've continued to develop them.  Are they finalized yet?  I don't think so ... not quite yet...


The main stencil I used in creating these was my 9"x12" Prayer Flags.  But I also used my 6"x6" Mimosa stencil as well as Palm Fronds Silhouette Small and Palm Fronds Silhouette Mini (4"x4").

My method for developing all of these pieces started with the "stencil-and-stain" technique that was part of the members-only StencilClub package of June 2015.   To receive this package (which includes a video showing the technique in action, as well as the 3-part stencil-set Crop Circles) just visit -- and use the right side bar to become a StencilClub member.   Once a member, send an email to, citing the month-and-year package that you want to buy; then, StencilGirlProducts will provide you with a invoice through PayPal.

After using that technique to lay in backgrounds on these two canvases, I painted out some areas, to achieve better composition.  And on the first artwork above, I added pieces of a permanently stained Prayer Flags stencil.

This top piece needs to have more areas painted out.  And I think it needs to be turned 180 degrees. 

The bottom piece needs to have the flat gray areas subtly altered in some areas to create more interest.

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