Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thinking Outside the Box...with BOXED VINES

Further stretching the idea of making Christmas cards with stencils not usually connected to Christmas, I made three 6"x6"cards with my 9"x12"stencil Boxed Vines... 

I started with a less-than-perfect Gelli Plate print, in a deep dark red, that I'd made with this stencil.  

I disguised the flaws using an artist's spatula to spread a thin layer of textured silver paint over most of the surface of this flawed Gelli Plate print.  (I'd made the paint by mixing white modeling paste with silver metallic powder.)  

I used the same spatula to cover the rest of the flawed print with a thin layer of reflective silver acrylic paint.  

Once the two silvery paints had dried, I cut the images into pieces to fit my 6"x6" dark bronze greeting card blanks (JamPaper.com.)  As a last step, I added swirls and dots with glitter glue...

 I still have the problem of not capturing reflective surfaces in a way that's fully accurate.  The above images look ho-hum compared with the cards themselves!

Because this deep bronze metallic cardstock is very dark, I line the insides of the cards with lightweight papers, cut to fit.  

Above is what the inside of my cards looks like, after the light paper is added.

Other artists would probably skip that step and, instead, use white markers or pens to fill out the inside of these greeting cards.  

Check with the Postal Service before mailing 6"x6" greeting cards -- there is a non-machinable surcharge for sending mail of these dimensions.

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