Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Trees Christmas Card

Last year I may have posted this Christmas card, but when I came across it this year, I updated it with glitter glue garland.  You can better see the glitter by clicking on this image to enlarge it.
The original substrate was a sheet of sturdy cardstock that I covered with a coat of gold metallic acrylic paint.
I used my 9"x12" stencil Mimosa to sponge in first a red print, and after that print dried, a green print.  For the first print, I faced the stencil in one direction; for the second print, I faced the stenil in the opposite direction.  This way the green print and the red print cris-cross each other. 

From that sheet, I cut 3 tall triangles and 3 narrow rectangles.  (Along the bottoms of the triangles, I used Friskars decorative scissors.)  Then I assembled the trees atop a 6"x6" white greeting card blank (JamPaper.com.)
The 9"x12" Mimosa stencil itself looks like this --

 The Postal Service has a non-machineable surcharge of 22 cents for 6"x6" envelopes.  So the cost to mail a card of these dimensions is currently 71 cents.  I make things easy on myself by just using two Forever stamps.  But one of these days I'll go to the Post Office and get a roll of 22-cent stamps...
Merry Christmas!

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  1. love this one! thanks for sharing all your holiday card ideas.