Friday, November 27, 2015

First Christmas Card of the Season -- using a Stencil You Might Not Expect

Again I've managed to create a greeting card cover that's impossible to adequately capture for showing on this blog!  Above is a photo...

and below is a scan...

And neither image really shows this Christmas card as it actually is!  

Add an element of foil or foil-like material or metallic-look material to an image -- and this becomes a challenge for me to adequately share.

In this case, the background is a dark bronze blank greeting card ( that measures just under 6"x6"... and perfectly fits my 6"x6" stencil Pressed Leaves.

The bronze cardstock has embedded "metallic" flakes which barely show in the top image.  

The imprint was made with a mix of light modeling paste and Schmincke metallic powder.  (This powder is to be used with caution. Working with it, I wear disposable gloves and am very careful to avoid letting the powder get airborne, where it could be breathed.) 

After spreading the mixture thru my stencil, I set it aside to dry.  Then I added glitter glue highlights.

I don't mean to rush the season the way retailers do, but I start making my Christmas cards at this time every year, because it takes several weeks to make as many as I want.