Sunday, June 28, 2015

More Ways to Use the June 2015 StencilGirl StencilClub 3-stencil Set, CROP CIRCLES

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My thanks to Linda Lifschultz for pointing out that this wide-open design enables the artist to trace around the shapes so that they can be cut out and used in collage. 

And my thanks to Barbara Gray of the UK's Clarity Stamp company, for yet another way to take advantage of the open areas in this 3-stencil set.  With an empty ballpoint pen, or an artist's stylus, you can do some embossing with these stencils. Vellum or any cardstock can be embossed by tracing the shapes of these stencils, using a tool of the kind mentioned above. It would help to have a work surface that has a little "give" -- such as several layers of newspaper, placed under the paper to be embossed. Once the vellum or cardstock has been embossed, you can go over it with Pan Pastels or any of the similar dry media. This will highlight the embossed areas.

Note:  I'm not talking about the kind of stylus that you would use with your iPad or Android.  I'm talking about this kind --

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