Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Greeting Cards

I just finished a small collection of Easter greeting cards, using several techniques covered in earlier posts that included step-by-step photos.

One of these techniques was to spread light modeling paste thru a stencil -- then while the paste was still wet, I sprayed on liquid colors.  Next, I lifted off the stencil and right away put it into a water-filled basin.  I don't mind stencils stained with paints, but I don't want modeling paste to dry on my stencils because it can interfere with the crisp clean lines of the design.

Another technique I used was to simply spray thru the stencil itself, without using modeling paste.

And another was to use Distress Ink pads and a brush applicator to apply color thru the stencil openings.  

On some cards, I added several layers of spray colors, choosing a different color each time and allowing dry time between layers.

You can click on any of the images above to enlarge them.
All stencils used above, and many others, can be found here:


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