Friday, February 6, 2015

A Brand-New Stencil used in 3D Artwork

For this project, I started with my brand-new 9"X12" stencil Tangled Pods --

--along with matte gel medium, a spreading tool, masking tape, a soft terrycloth rag and a sturdy substrate -- in this case, I chose a large sheet of glossy cardstock that had already been monoprinted with blue and green acrylic paints, then had been used as a "catch-all paper" when I'd painted another paper orange.

After taping the substrate to my work surface, I covered it with my Tangled Pods stencil and taped that down, too. 

For my next step, I spread a generous layer of matte gel medium across the top of the stencil, as shown in the two photos below.  (I could have used gloss gel medium; in this process, either will work.)

After spreading the gel medium, I lifted off the stencil.  See below--
At this point, I set aside the artwork to dry.  Since I'd used matte medium, I knew that when the gel became nearly transparent, it would be dry.
Once the surface had dried, I began to coat it with acrylic paints, first brushing them on, then using the soft rag to wipe away paint from selected areas.

The photos above show the starting stages.  I went on to add layer after layer of paint, repeating the process, over and over.
I completed several sheets of paper in this way.  The final results are shown below in one of my December 31 posts.  Here is just one of them; one of its layers was a metallic paint, which I used over about 2/3 of the surface:
This brand-new stencil, Tangled Pods, is one of 3 now available here -- 

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