Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Preparations with Stencils

Aluminum tape -- found in hardware stores and home improvement centers -- isn't just for repairs.  It can also brighten up Christmas cards, tree ornaments and party place-cards.  Altho I posted this write-up back in summer, it deserves a repeat during this season of preparing for festivities.

This beautiful tape, just shy of 2" in width, comes with a white paper backing that, when peeled off, reveals a self-stick backing.

For this project, besides the tape, I used stencils, alcohol inks, Sharpie pens, an embossing stylus, padding (a craft foam sheet and an old mouse pad), masking tape, and a non-stick paper (non-stick aluminum foil or freezer paper, shiny side up) to spread over the work surface for its protection.

 Above, at the top of the photo, is a view of the tape as it comes, in a roll.  Here, I have cut off 2 lengths of it and secured them with masking tape to (left) a sheet of yellow craft foam and (right) an old mouse pad. 

 Below is a close-up of the next step I took in this project -- placing stencils over the tape.  The upper photo shows my 9"X12"
Wrought Iron Gate stencil and the smaller photo shows my 9"X12" Borders 1 stencil.

I traced the stencils' line-work with an embossing stylus, the top of which is shown below -- but a ballpoint pen would work, too.


My next step was to lift off the stencil to reveal the embossed tape -- 

Below are two photos showing the embossed tapes with alcohol inks added--

I liked the colors of these inks, but wasn't happy with the way the embossed line-work disappeared under them.  So I began experimenting.  One experiment was to remove most of the ink with rubbing alcohol.  I also got out my Sharpie pens, knowing that these deeply embossed lines would be easy to trace.  But to be on the safe side, I replaced the stencils, lining them up with the embossed line-work --
After lifting off the stencil a second time, I had the results below.
The lower strip of tape has been embossed, alcohol-inked, and wiped with rubbing alcohol.  Some of the alcohol ink remains, highlighting the embossed line-work.
Below is a 6"X6" greeting card I made using this tape, but the next cards I make with this festive tape will be Christmas cards...
... and they will be similar to the Christmas cards below, except that foil tape will be used instead of the cardstock I used below, along with the same two stencils, Wrought Iron Gate stencil and Borders 1 stencil.


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  1. I see you are already beginning your christmas holiday decorations... home made... they are wonderful.