Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stencils Plus Compressed Sponges Equals Silhouette Rubber Stamps

Around now, moms of young ones are looking for summer fun projects to give youngsters.  Some moms see electronic games as brain-pickling and want to offer hands-on, creative alternatives.
To Google "compressed sponges" is to elicit a wide variety of buying options.  Here is just one that will spring up at your fingertips:
Compressed sponges come in a range of colors; the ones I'm using here are white and pale yellow.  Their original width (while still compressed) is about 1/8 inch.  The ones I have measure roughly 3"X4" but they come in a variety of sizes.
Above:  A stack of compressed sponges is on the lower right.  Other compressed sponges are spread across the work surface, where I'm auditioning some of my 6"X6" stencils -- Feathers, Cats, Heron and Osprey Wings.

Above:  Now I'm auditioning selected areas of my 9"X12" stencils Facets, Vases, Ivy and Feathers.

Above:  Having chosen Cats, I placed the stencil over the compressed sponge and traced the outline with a dark Sharpie marker. 

Above:  The tracing after the stencil has been lifted off.

Above:  The cat silhouette has been cut out with Joyce Chen scissors (altho other scissors would have worked.)  Note the leftover abstract shapes.  They will be saved for a future project.

Above:  I placed the cat silhouette into water, where it immediately swelled from 1/8-inch width to 1/2" width.  This is the part that really young kids love to watch.

Above:  Here is the cat-shaped sponge "stamp," pictured at an angle that shows its new depth.

Above:  The sponge stamp has been inked with a red, heavy-body acrylic paint, then used to stamp this image onto background paper (created with green acrylic paint and my 9"X12" stencil Twinship.)