Monday, April 7, 2014

Printing Plates with Pizzazz

Awhile back I made printing plates with scraps of matboard, molding paste and stencils.  After printing papers with them on my Gelli Arts Printing Plate, I decided that they themselves may eventually get cut up to make collage elements, because of the colors and patterns.  Here they are:

The printing plate above was made with my 9"X12" stencil Mimosa.

Above is the printing plate made with my 6"X6" stencil Trivet B.

Above is my favorite printing plate of the three, made with my stencil 6"X6" Mimosa
My way of printing with them was to brayer a layer of acrylic paint over the Gelli Plate, then to press the plate -- with its 3-dimensional pattern down -- onto the acrylic paint.  After I'd lifted the printing plate, an impression remained in the still-wet acrylic paint.  I then placed paper onto the plate and burnished its entire back surface with my hands, before pulling the print.  Prints made this way have been incorporated into my collages.

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