Saturday, January 4, 2014

"(Swatton) Two Vases," a Brand-New 9"X12" Stencil, Now Available at!

Shown above:  A canvas with a very faint background which was created with my earlier-released 9"X12" Vases stencil.  After "knocking back" these tiny multiple vase prints with water-thinned white gesso, I used my just-released (Swatton) Two Vases 9"X12" stencil to add the dominant orange figure.  I also used this new stencil to add a fainter green image (on the right.)  After those sponged-on acrylic paints had dried, I added another, smaller vase in the lower left.  This small white vase was created from the same design; I cut out a handmade stencil, using a sheet of cardstock, and sprayed paint thru its opening.
 Both vase-themed stencils are available on my web-page at STENCILGIRL(TM) --

-- just scroll down on that web page to see the just-released 9"X12" Vases stencil --

-- and scrolling a litter farther down, you can see my older 9"X12" Vases stencil, which I used in making the background in the above painting.

Below is another quick example of artwork created with this just-released stencil ... this time, I sprayed green paints thru the stencil onto white paper:

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